handwriting capture with digitizer vs. Tablet PC

14 Dec 2007 - 11:00am
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Jim Hoekema

I'm working on a proposal that involves capturing handwriting -- not
recognizing it, just capturing it -- in a clinical trial setting, where
the doctor is "facing" a patient via video conference. (There would be
forms with check boxes as well.) The team is debating how to do this. On
the one hand, we don't need a tablet PC, because it's not a portable
environment, so a plain digitizing tablet connected to a bigger PC seems
better. But this would mean giving up the unified
presentation-input-feedback arrangement, forcing doctors (of all people)
to write while looking at a monitor to see what they're writing. This
scenario worries me. (Another factor is that the examiner is meant to
maintain eye contact with the subject.)

Is there any research on non-artists using digitizing tablets for
handwritten input combined with forms in this type of setting? Any
strong opinions on the matter?

Thanks much,
Jim Hoekema
BusinessEdge Solutions

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