[Job] Sr. UI Designer, AOL (contract) | Washington D.C Metro

18 Dec 2007 - 5:08pm
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Vishal Subraman...

Please send your resume to tony.hyun (at) corp (dot) aol (dot) com.
Also, if you could, please include a cover letter telling me how
perfect you'd be for the position along with links to see some of your
work, that'd be great.

AOL Marketplace is looking for a Senior UI Designer that knows how to
design experiences for high traffic, mass audience sites. The ideal
candidate must love to work on challenging projects with ridiculous
deadlines that reach millions of customers every week. Candidates
should also be willing to check their egos at the door, and be willing
to work with multi-discipline teams to develop solutions together in
an 'agileish' environment.

1. Produces interaction models that meet project requirements.
2. Translate business and technical requirements into compelling
interactive user experiences.
3. Leverage front-end technology to deliver high quality,
comprehensive Marketplace transactional experiences
4. Continually monitor and share cutting edge methodologies as
potential solutions.

Education: An AA, BA or advanced degree in related fields that
include: Interactive Design, Graphic Design, Cognitive Psychology,
Engineering, Computer Science, and U. I. Design or Library Science

Experience: At least 3-5 years experience with a design firm,
advertising agency, technology company or corporation focusing on
developing tactical solutions and larger design systems. Exposure to
all phases of web design and development process: from ideation to

Specialized Knowledge: Has an excellent portfolio of work that
demonstrates knowledge in interactive projects. Has a firm grounding
in information organizational Principals: hierarchy, taxonomy, layout,
and systems theory.

Skills: Has expert knowledge of, PhotoShop, Illustrator, flowchart and
wireframing tools. Understanding of front-end technologies including:
CSS, html, dhtml, and javascript. Conceptual understanding of back-end
web development technologies. Can completely service client's needs,
and meet or exceed expectations consistent with business priorities.
Can collaborate and establish a course of action for self and others
to accomplish specific goals. Can organize resources and workload to
effectively accomplish project and team goals. Can identify problems
and develop effective approaches to resolving problems, settling
issues or providing direction. Is able to manage and stay on top of
several projects or components. Can express ideas precisely,
persuasively and effectively. Is able to contribute to or lead
creative presentations internally and to clients. Can adapt behavior
and approaches in dealing with changes in situation and people. Is
open-minded and naturally curious. Can pull a 900 would be impressive,
but will settle for a 720.


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