[EVENT] IxDA Waterloo F2F December 19: Roger Martin on Design Thinking

19 Dec 2007 - 10:23am
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It's tomorrow, folks! The Waterloo F2F is hosting Roger Martin who'll be
giving a repeat performance of a talk he delivered at Yahoo in November.
Details to be had on our blog at:


5:00 to 6:30 pm
Thursday, December 19
Accelerator Centre
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Design Thinking: The Next Competitive Advantage

Two fundamental kinds of thinking co-exist and often collide in business
organizations: analytical thinking and design thinking. Both have their
places, but as organizations grow, analytical thinking ‹ which focuses on
exploitation and refinement of the current state of knowledge ‹ often crowds
out design thinking, which pushes knowledge forward and creates new
possibilities. To benefit from design thinking, a business needs to
understand how analytical thinking and design thinking differ, why and how
they come into conflict, and how to create an environment which encourages
design thinking to flourish.

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