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28 Dec 2007 - 11:36am
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laurie kalmanson

re: Universal Principles of Interaction Design

thank you for the wonderful discussion of this classic book -- it brought back so many memories of happy late nite discussions around the studio, waiting for the rendering boxen to finish

seriously, really brilliant

my .02 for the next edition -- feel free to distribute with attribution, in all media, including those not yet invented:

-- users, users, users, users

> does your shiny, matte, interactive, plugin, wood, metal, new ***thing*** allow users to do things they want to do?
> will your users tell other users good things about this new ***thing*** , and if so are there ways for more to join? or if they have bad things to say, are there ways for you to learn from that?
> what does your new new ***thing*** offer users the doing of, and how will they be done
> are they useful, beautiful, mood-appropriate to the task and, in my 5 yo's case, pink?
> do you get out of the user's way to let them do what they are doing
> can the user do more things with this tool than you ever intended (ie the use of ipods as data storage/retrieval boxes as a plot feature in spook country)

that said, i have donated to olpc to get the devices in the hands of children far away because i do believe that they are an extradordinaty way of saying that children and their education are important, but have passed on acquiring one for mine: as much as i wanted to see one and touch one and use one and have my kid experience it, i do believe that the network effects of olpc are one of the most powerful aspects of the tool, and i decided to spend the money on a donation that i would have spent on having one to play with in my non olpc networked area


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