Glass ceilings [was: US News thinks we have potential!]

28 Dec 2007 - 11:29pm
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desiree mccrorey

William Evans <wkevans4 at> wrote:
> You bring up an interesting point about the glass ceiling in the
> design/IxD/IA fields - you get to a point where you either start
> mentoring and managing and Not designing - or stay in the same
> position and be happy or ??? What? Start your own firm? Try and
> compete with some of the great firms out there like Adaptive Path?
> Then - you spend alot of time doing admin and marketing and not
> designing...
> Any one else encounter the glass ceiling? What did you do?

I feel like I've been firmly embedded in that 'glass ceiling' for a long time.
;-) When considering management positions in any company now, I tell hiring
managers I have to straddle the fence, manage and hands on.

'Start my own firm' has always been intriguing but I'm pretty sure I don't have
the passion for serious bookkeeping, admin, sales & marketing, etc. Plus, when
I'm interviewing candidates, I encounter quite a few former firm owners who
want to transition into full time status. Running your own business is
definitely not for everyone.

I have noticed a few major software employers now 'earnestly' offer two paths,
at least for designers and programmers - management or individual contributor.
It used to be they'd offer the IC path, but it always with a faint 'failure to
thrive' label attached. Management paths still pay more, of course.

But I think there comes a point where management positions can appear more
appealing because the level of effectiveness over the product
usability/quality/etc. could be greater than what could be done in an IC
position. At least that's what I keep telling myself. ;-|


Desiree McCrorey
UI Architect/Web Producer

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