Touch cube points to future toys

31 Dec 2007 - 2:40am
8 years ago
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bhakti भक्ति

Hello Friends,
Has anybody herad abdout Touch cube?

Link available:

~ Bhakti


31 Dec 2007 - 2:56am

Firstly most of the videos (for example:
involve him playing around a rubi(x/kcs) cube, which might not be very
usable as a lot of moves require a tactile feel of the cube, but for
novelty reasons might be cute.

The many surfaces each resopnsive might be allowed to hold more
information that is required seperately. for example, a game
controller with one set of controls on one face and one set of
controls on another.
Toys/games/puzzles based around this concept.

but overall I don't see the point yet of having more than one screen
for an interface as people might tend to look for the right screen for
some information (and frantically at times). People get lost looking
for something on one surface, let alone six.


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