Building a Path For Future Communities

1 Jan 2008 - 5:09pm
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Jeff Axup

Hi all,

I am currently finalizing a draft of a book chapter that some of you may
find interesting.
I have posted it to my blog here:
Please feel free to comment either on the blog or in this thread.

Here is the abstract:

*Building a Path For Future Communities*

With mobile technologies increasingly weaving themselves into the fabric of
our communities, it would be beneficial to increase our understanding of how
these devices will affect our quality of life. This chapter presents a case
study where a set of prototypes of future social technology concepts were
generated and used by groups of backpackers in a mobile community. One of
these concepts, which facilitated viewing the locations of other group
members, is evaluated with regard to how it might affect community

This and other examples illustrate that communication technologies form a
social path which guides individual and emergent behavior of societies.
Determination of where these paths lead can be accomplished through the
creation of development projects with positive social aims. Using
collaborative research methods, considering design outcome spectra, and
adding features with implicit cultural values are promising strategies for
influencing future communities.

Jeff Axup, Ph.D.
Principal Consultant, Mobile Community Design Consulting, San Diego

Research: Mobile Group Research Methods, Social Networks, Group Usability
E-mail: axup <at>

"Designers mine the raw bits of tomorrow. They shape them for the present
day." - Bruce Sterling

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