Local Groups Task Force / Local Leaders Dinner

13 Jan 2008 - 6:11pm
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Hello members and leaders of IxDA

As we stated in last December (see
http://ixda.org/discuss.php?post=23183), one of the important 2008
focus areas for the IxDA Board is to further develop the local
initiatives. To get an understanding of your needs and to create a
plan for how to address this area, we are inviting all former, current
and potential local leaders/initiators to a private discussion on how
to best move forward with local initiatives.

Have you thought about starting a local chapter but aren't sure how to
do it? Do you have ideas and the drive to create something that can
help local chapters out? Do you have what you need to get going? If
you are currently running a local chapter, what is going well and what
is not? What support would you like to have from the Board or global
IxDA membership? If you used to run a local chapter, what sort of
things would have helped you out, and what were some of the challenges
that you encountered?

All these questions are examples of discussions we'd like to have with
you. We'll start with gathering everybody in the IxDA Boards' online
forum, and create ourselves a Local Groups Task Force. We intend for
this Local Groups Task Force to be a standard part of our work with a
first deadline to deliver results by summer 2008. By results we intend
for and hope that some of the identified needs are solved within this
time span. We also want to conduct regular meetings to secure

The goals of the Local Groups Task Force are to
- Gather and cluster relevant information on local groups' needs
- Come up with suitable supporting functions & infrastructure to
address these needs
- Identify sub-tasks for how to create these supporting functions
(addressing costs, resources and time)
- Prioritize the various sub-tasks based on feasibility and level of need
- Plan and execute implementation projects

If you would like to help out with the Local Groups Task Force, please
send a mail to me and you'll be invited to the forum.

As hinted previously, for those of you who are local leaders and/or
plan to participate in the LGTF and are coming to the Interaction08
conference the board would like to invite to a local leaders dinner on
Friday night at a restaurant in Savannah to meet and talk about our
challenges and opportunities. We would love to see you there and if
you want to come, please RSVP to me by February the 1st.

All the best!

--Niklas Wolkert

Local leader, IxDA Sweden
Director, IxDA

Sr. Interaction Designer
+46 (0)733 611 227

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