7 Sep 2004 - 1:14pm
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Dan Brown

Please forgive the cross-posting...

Has anyone used the drawing program in OpenOffice to do any
wireframes, user flows, or site maps? I've just downloaded an started
playing with it, and was impressed with the capabilities...

-- Dan

Dan Brown ~ brownorama at ~ (301) 801-4850

"Beyond the clock radio, what's ever worked better
from putting two different functions together?"
-- IDC Analyst on convergence


11 Sep 2004 - 1:21pm
Jean-Anne Fitzp...

I recently worked for a couple of years as a contractor at Sun, and
therefore used StarOffice extensively. (OpenOffice is a different
distribution, but basically the same software.)

The drawing program seemed fine for everything I needed to do with it
(mostly flow diagrams, one more intricate concept map); I occasionally
ran into some glitches with the word processing program but only when
I was stretching the limits (therefore not so different than my
experience with Word); and IMO the spreadsheet program is much better
than Excel -- they've abandoned all of the quirky interface
differences (things like the way Cut is handled) so you can work
across the applications without constant negative transfer.

All in all, I am a big fan, esp. considering the price differential!
(and I say this as someone who is no longer working for Sun, therefore
no vested interest in promoting it).

The one drawback is that the compatibility with MS Office apps is
imperfect -- you can get content across, but formatting will get
messed up -- so if you need to share documents with people using the
"standard" it's a problem. As far as I know, SO draw does not make any
attempt to export in Visio format, so perhaps that's a non-issue. I
typically exported as JPEG which worked fine.

This may have been more than you wanted to know, since you were only
asking about the drawing app, and perhaps of limited interest to the
list. It's just something that's been on my mind, as I'm now moving
back into working with MS Office apps and feeling a certain amount of
pain therewith :)

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