Defining UCD

20 Jan 2008 - 7:16pm
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Mark Schraad

Good thought - let's move forward.

User Centered Design (UCD) is an approach to the design process that
emphasizes adding value to the end user as more important than the
inclusion of specific technologies, monetization or other motivations.

Hammer away...


On Jan 20, 2008, at 7:32 AM, Jeff Seager wrote:

> Seriously, guys, can you make this any more difficult?
> As a writer/editor, may I suggest something that may help advance
> this beyond the realm of philosophy? (please say yes)
> Write a definition that suits you. Better yet, write a definition
> that you *love*. Keep it short. Hoist it up the flagpole. Let us all
> shoot holes in it or salute it.
> Then move on to definition #2. Lather, rinse, repeat.
> Just a thought. Carry on!

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