Don Norman on ACD at Apple?

22 Jan 2008 - 2:32am
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Jeff Howard

Don Norman in Business Week earlier this month re-framing Apple's
design process as what sounds a little like activity centered design.
It's just a brief quote in a much longer article:

> Apple's approach isn't about targeting hipsters, says Donald A.
> Norman, a professor at Northwestern University and author of The
> Design of Future Things. Rather, the company's design genius lies
> in its dedication to making simple, elegant devices for specific
> activities, not demographic types, he says. Its early markets were
> learning and publishing; now they're creativity and entertainment.
> "The proper way to design is not to target an individual type of
> customer. You want 100 million customers," says Norman.

Also, just to stir up the anthill a little more, I tend to think of
genius design as extemporaneous design (no fancy acronym) but I don't
view it as a perjorative. The metaphor is to extemporaneous acting,
which is unrehearsed and takes quite a bit of skill to do well since
it depends on intuition and the ability to synthesize bits from past
experience on the fly.

// jeff

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