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21 Nov 2003 - 2:34pm
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Mitja Kostomaj

Hi all,

I've produced couple of Interactive storybooks and in my reflection on
my work, I see my self more of a storyteller than a designer.
Basically I design digital worlds as writer creates fictional worlds.

It's a question is that I do either
· a product (digital interactive system) or
· a production (movie, cartoon, a play) or even
· an artefact (digital book).

When you are in production, you don't have a time to think, and you
take examples from movies, books, cartoons, puppet theatre, pop-up
books, toys, games and even digital systems.


Prof. Anirudha Joshi wrote:

>> I don't agree that designers have not been concerned with dynamic,
>> temporal aspects. Is film direction a design task?

Robert Reimann wrote:
RR> Yes, good point (though I did mean traditional design disciplines,
RR> which film is definitely not). I think IxD can learn (and has learned)
RR> a great deal from film: use of narrative/scenarios, storyboards,
RR> method acting/role playing as a means of understanding users,
RR> all of these techniques come from fiction/drama/film. Interestingly,
RR> I think that the form-based aspects of film are less generally
RR> applicable to IxD than the narrative aspects, but that is probably
RR> a fertile ground for exploration.

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