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8 Sep 2004 - 1:46pm
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Kim Goodwin

Cooper is looking for talented people to join us full-time in our San
Francisco office. Cooper designers work for organizations of all sizes
across a wide range of industries. Our projects include desktop
applications, consumer electronics, Web applications, medical
instrumentation, and more.

On most Cooper projects, there are two full-time team members: an
interaction designer and a design communicator. Both members are full
partners in the design process, but each role emphasizes a different
strength and temperament. The INTERACTION DESIGNER is responsible for
the visualization and coherence of the design; the DESIGN COMMUNICATOR
is responsible for the clarity of the design documentation, and for
helping test and evolve the design concept through scenarios. In
addition, our teams sometimes include a VISUAL DESIGNER who is
responsible for the color, typography, and visual style of the
interface. We have no industrial design openings at this time, though
interaction designers trained in industrial design are welcome. Please
carefully consider which role you prefer before applying.

Successful candidates will be mature professionals who have real-world
experience, strong communication skills, a love of collaboration and
complex problem-solving, the ability to work at all levels from product
definition to pixels, and a constant desire to improve their skills. For
the interaction design role, real IxD experience is a must. For the
design communicator role, strong technical and persuasive writing skills
are critical.

To learn more, check out "Help Wanted" at

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