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8 Sep 2004 - 1:48pm
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Dave Collins

> Headhunters are looking for specialists, I am a generalist.
> I guess I'm looking for a smaller org where they all are under
> the same hat. Either that, or I should get some schooling in one
> of them.

>Quite the opposite, in my experience. Large companies that do design in
teams may be a better place for a generalist. And yes, teams do create
excellent user experiences (I don't use the word "designs" here on
much more often than individuals.

Well, sure but the hiring process tends to look for specialization.
"We're looking for an IxD, hire us one."


8 Sep 2004 - 2:55pm
Lada Gorlenko

> Well, sure [about the generalists] but the hiring process tends
> to look for specialization. "We're looking for an IxD, hire us one."

Oh those legs that are afraid of extra work and wait for the world to spin
around them just like that [here goes a fingerclick]... :-)

There is hiring process and there is hiring process. Head-hunters
(agencies) don't give a monkey about what label you put in your resume - as
long as it matches whatever label they got from the company. Change the
label, what a big deal? The actual hiring people (those that interview you
and become your managers) don't give another monkey about the title - they
have to name the job somehow for recruiters and applicants. It's not the
title, it's the job description that matters. Get to talk to the actual
people who will be hiring, by any decent means (includes swallowing your
likes and dislikes about a particular "specialization" and excludes lying
about your experience). You might be surprised how many of them appreciate
a well-rounded generalist ("Blimey, we hoped for an IxD, and this one can
and even likes programming on the side!"). Companies need to differentiate
among applicants somehow, therefore they may make the vacancy look very
specialised when it is not that specialized.

Gosh, do we need a tutorial for professional interaction designers on how
to design interactions with other people? (No offence, chaps, just kidding!


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