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28 Jan 2008 - 9:41pm
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Ryan Lum

We are looking for the next great Interaction Designer to take charge with design-focused client engagements. Our client, based in Seattle, WA focuses specifically on interaction design for companies of all shapes and sizes. Similar to the standard consulting gig, you will be immersed in an ever-changing environment where you will enjoy the excitement of working on diverse projects. Conversely, the opportunity presents the luxuries of a full-time position where you are in a constant location work consistently with the same top-notch designers and usability experts.

Ideal candidates will have a proven track record of delivering compelling solutions on time and on budget. Because our work is focused on web-based and client-based software applications, the position requires deep experience with interaction design. Your portfolio should reflect extensive experience wireframing and documenting screen-level interactions.

Job Responsibilities
· Conducting primary and secondary research to evaluate user needs.
· Performing usability inspections of existing system and conducting competitive research.
· Developing information architecture, system vocabulary, task flows, navigation systems, and detailed wireframe layouts.
· Documenting screen-level interactions.
· Developing paper prototypes for early user testing.
· Creating project-specific user experience guidelines that assist clients in making future design decisions.
· Working with content writers, visual designers, and software developers
Job Qualifications
· At least 3 years experience in complex web application interaction design.
· Education in user-centered design (UCD) or ability to display a formal understanding of UCD theory and practice.
· Experience designing and conducting usability studies.
· Working knowledge of browser-based technology constraints/capabilities (e.g. HTML, JavaScript, Flash).
· Experience with a range of software development practices.
· Working knowledge of visual design tools (e.g. Visio).


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