BOOK Announcement: HCI Remixed

2 Feb 2008 - 11:10am
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Tom Erickson

We're pleased to announce a new book that should interest IxDA folks.

HCI Remixed: Reflections on Works That Have Influenced the HCI Community

What is a remix? In music, a remix is an edited version of a song
that builds on the themes of the original while incorporating new
elements. But anything can be remixed, and in HCI Remixed we asked
contributors to reflect on a piece of work -- a paper, system or demo
-- that is at least ten years old. We asked them to pick a piece of
work that they were enthusiastic about, and to consider how it had
changed their view of HCI and shaped their work. The result is a book
of 51 short, engaging and idiosyncratic essays that take a positive
and synthetic approach to the work, asking what it got right, and
what, after ten years or more, still has value.

The essays cover a lot of ground. One considers Murial Cooper's
contributions to dynamic typography, another the relationship between
Cinderella and the Diffusion of Innovations, and another how a toy
doll named Lily can transcend time and space to go Beyond Being
There. The essayists of HCI Remixed explain how the Wizard of Oz was
really John Gould, how both adults and children are willing to use
felt and flannel and how "1 + 1 = 3" during user interface design.
Taken together, the essays offer an accessible, lively, and engaging
introduction to HCI research, illustrating where our community has
been so that we can better understand where we are going.

Check it out. We think you’ll enjoy it!

--Tom Erickson and David W. McDonald, Editors
Tom Erickson

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