JOB: Service Design Lead at Fjord, Helsinki, Finland. Permanent

4 Feb 2008 - 7:02am
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Sergio Palomo

JOB: Service Design Leas Visual Designer (SDL) - permanent

Company: Fjord Oy, Helsinki, Finland
More information about Fjord available in

Fjord is structured around quality and innovation. The Service Design
Lead (SDL) is part of the management team of the office, and takes a
central role in the delivery of projects. The SDL is directly
responsible for the quality and innovation of the projects they are
overseeing, along with revenue and profit generated on these projects
and clients and team member satisfaction. The SDL reports directly to
the managing director and indirectly to the network Creative Director.

How the SDL work fits into Fjord:
The SDL will work closely together with an Service Design Partner
(SDP) as a permanent team. They will oversee and take responsibility
for successful delivery for a range of projects. The type of projects
that an SDL might run:
1. Standard client projects
2. Internal development projects
3. Pitch projects

Projects are staffed by specialists from Fjord's team of design
experts. The best person available for the project will be part of the
project team. As such, SDL's must have the flexibility to work with
different people to deliver different projects. Sometimes the experts
will be from other Fjord offices.

Key responsibilities of an SDL:
1. World-class quality of work
• Creativity of output (innovation & beauty)
• Completeness and suitability of work (works with client situation)

2. Client satisfaction
• Aligned with 1, but also includes good communication, on-time
delivery, flexibility of team, etc.

3. Team satisfaction
• Learning and fun
• Clarity of mission and expectations
• Opportunities to progress (new skills)
• Work/life balance (realistic utilization)
• Project team spirit

4. Targets
• Revenue (all three project types): Monthly revenue targets will be set
• Profitability: Projects must be on average above 15% profitability
(when ops support accounted for)
• Utilization of Fjord people: Not consistently above 100%, and
significant overtime leads to time in lieu compensation (SDL would
work with Fjord operations person to ensure suitable project staffing)

To apply:
send your application by email including CV to sergio at

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