Accessibility of User-Generated Content (was: Using voice narration on sites)

14 Feb 2008 - 4:03pm
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Jeff Seager

Yes, Alex, people with disabilities are too often missing out on a
lot. It doesn't have to be that way. Many developers see
accessibility as a concession rather than a benefit, and changing
that thinking yields unforeseen benefits I won't get into here. I
already feel like I'm preaching.

Like so many other things today, we're on the verge of having much
more control over web captioning. Great work has been done at WGBH-TV
in Boston, whose National Center for Accessible Media has pioneered
some significant digital media advances.

One of those is the MAGpie media access generator:

... which creates captions and audio descriptions for rich media
including Quick Time movies. The last time I tried it (more than
three years ago), I found it rather clunky but very promising. I was
only able to stick with it for a week or so, as other projects came
up. It's freely available and there's excellent support from the
developers and from a fairly small community of users. I've stayed
subscribed to the mailing list, just to watch its progress.

If you follow the link above, then follow the "Projects" link on
the site menu, you'll see what other great things these folks are
doing for accessibility, Web-wise and otherwise.

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