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21 Feb 2008 - 11:56am
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jon rosner

As a very senior recruiter who has been lurking on the IxDA List
for quite a while I can sympathize with the complaints about spam
from clueless recruiters, inquiries from HR people who have no idea
about design, and the tremendous desire for a better system for all.

I am paid by the hour for my work, often with production bonuses.
But most recruiters work for agencies which require them to send
out huge numbers of emails in the hope that some of their spam
will stick, a hire made, and a commission paid.

Where do " 'IA needed with 10 years Illustrator and J2EE hands-on
posts come from?" These are usually written up by HR without input
from the Hiring Managers. I know, I taught recruiting at a University
level for a while until I gave it up.

The real issue here is that HR, Recruiting and the Hiring Managers have
to work hand-in-hand ~ and all too often they don't.

IF a company wants to follow Good Hiring Practices then there are set
procedures to follow:

1) The Recruiter works with the Hiring Manager to determine the basic
needs and requirements.

2) Post same on the company website or on a local board. At least this
will meet the EEOC requirements and get the ball rolling.

3) The same information posted can then be turned into a series of questions
which can be asked of EACH candidate, answers TRANSCRIBED and
reviewed within 24 hours by the Hiring Manager with response given to the
prospective candidate with all due speed.

4) Based on the the response of the Hiring Manager, the job description
posting and the
pre-screen can now be REWRITTEN to better reflect the real need and the
Now you can go out and START to recruit the right people.

5)Those rewritten pre-screens often allow the prospective candidates to
address the issues.
What was a twenty to forty-five minute pre-screen can now be reviewed in
transcription and
appropriate individuals selected for interview.......

There are, of course, more steps to follow, but these first few are
TRULY critical if the
company wants to avoid hiring the someone who is not a solid fit in
terms of personality,
skills, interests, drive and a host of intangibles that can make the
difference between a
fun place to work and utter misery.

Just my 2 cents.

Best Regards,

Jon Rosner
Senior Recruiter
jon at roscotech.com

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