RE: Behaviour undone -- The fatal inversion in IxDs definition

13 Sep 2004 - 12:20pm
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At 01:02 PM 9/13/2004 -0400, David Heller wrote:
>I would maybe edit that (maybe this is a bit of word smithing) and switch
>the world "reflect" for the word "compliment" ...

I think you mean "complement"

It would be interesting to put together a
>"bill of rights" of IxD.

One place to start is with the list that Claire Marie Karat wrote back in 1998:

This also seems to hark back to the debates about agents vs. direct
manipulation between Shneiderman and Maes. See for a summary.

Central to Ben's point is that he wants the computer systems to assist/be
at the service of/complement humans -- but that people (not machines)
should be starting point for, and center of, any design effort.

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