ANN: Cooper keynotes Agile development conference - last chance to submit proposals

24 Feb 2008 - 10:02pm
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Jeff Patton


I wanted to make a last minute request and announcement.

The Agile 2008 conference (held this August in Toronto: will pull in a mixed audience of over 1500
people. This year the conference is organized around themes (or stages) one
of them is User Experience. (I'm hoping this debunks the idea that at least
some Agile people don't care about user experience.)

The deadline for submissions for the conference is tomorrow Feb 25th.
You'll find the call for participation for the UX stage here: This is a last minute pitch for
anyone who's thought of teaching, writing an experience report, or
presenting a workshop to quickly write an outline and submit it.

The big news for the conference this year is a keynote will come from Alan
Cooper, who's graciously agreed to attend the conference, and have the final
word at the closing keynote. For those of you who attended Interaction '08
in Savannah, you'll know that Alan will have cautionary words for Agile
development practitioners. And, I'm with him. I can't imagine a software
development lifecycle that could work without including design. And while
many people may have issues with Agile development, I think a variation of
the Winston Churchill quote on democracy
( applies here: Agile
development is the worst form of software development except for all the
others that have been tried.

If you've been working in Agile development and have experience or practice
adaptations you could share, the community would appreciate it. If you've
got practice you think Agile practitioners could benefit from, this is your
chance to teach it. If you've got strategies for UX people that would help
them adapt to Agile environments, you'll find them here. I'm confident that
Alan's presence throughout the conference (yes he's agreed to be there
during the conference) will help dial up the visibility of UX as an
important concern.

Thanks everyone - and please excuse the selling. Feel free to contact me
off list if you have questions (or flames).

Jeff Patton
mobile: +1 (801) 910-7908
skype: jeff_patton
Agile usability discussion group:

"There is nothing that saps one's confidence as the knowing how to do a
--Mark Twain

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