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14 Sep 2004 - 6:30am
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Christina Li

Hi Dave,

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[Apologise for the cross-posting]

Dear All,

uiGarden is a bilingual on-line magazine that provides an opportunity for
researchers and practitioners who work in the user interface design
(including user experience, information architecture, GUI, and usability)
field in the Chinese and the English speaking worlds to publish their
thinking and exchange views with each other.

For western practitioners, we aim to create a place to communicate and
exchange views with other professionals. The site will also act as a window
on the user interface design industry in the Far East, helping to give
insights into this increasingly important market.

>From the point of view of Chinese practitioners, the website will give
access to the latest developments in the West, featuring articles from
leading Western experts translated into the Chinese language and providing
discussion boards which facilitate discussion of each article.

The site is still at the design stage. We aim to launch it by the end of
this year. We are working in co-operation with the Usability Professionals
Association in China and usabilitynews.com in order to achieve this.

We are now looking for contents for the first issue. It's a great chance for
authors to provoke thinking among peers and to have a readership both in the
west and in the east.

We are interested in articles with a focus on:
- exploring theories and concepts that reflect current industrial practice.

- future looking articles that address the challenges faced by our
- articles relating to the teaching of user-centred techniques and
- case studies from projects demonstrating the application of user-centred
- reviews of books, conferences, sites, software, tools and interactive
- interviews with leading experts in the field showing their point of view
to professional issues

If you feel you would like to share your views with other colleagues, please
send them to <mailto:editor at uigarden.net> editor at uigarden.net

In addition, we also need volunteers helping us on:
- translating articles
- editing contents
- designing and developing the site
- moderating forums

If you are willing to volunteer some of your free time, please send an email
message to <mailto:volunteer at uigarden.net> volunteer at uigarden.net

We look forward to working with you!

Best regards

Christina Li

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