Re. IxDA in flyover territory?

27 Feb 2008 - 11:26am
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Billy Cox

I have to confess that my resume is that of a software engineer, but I am
the IT department in my current assignment, so I have to be conversant with
more fields than the average code monkey at a large company. I also find
IxDA (or whatever the proper term is) interesting since it's more closely
related to my educational background than writing code and monkeying around
with databases.

I enjoy reading this list. Usability is one of those specialties that I
could see myself possible transitioning to at some point in the future. It
might be hard to give up the perks that go with being an IT generalist.

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Kansas City has a few resources:
VML (interactive agency)
Sprint, and some local offices for Sprint suppliers
Kansas City Art Institute (some good designers have come from there)
University of Kansas interaction design program Little Springs Design Other
web shops & agencies

And, apparently, you.

Barbara Ballard
barbara at 1-785-838-3003

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