Curriculum changes for Interaction Design program

27 Feb 2008 - 7:42am
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Paul Reijnierse

Hello everyone, I am a graduate student Interaction Design at the
Utrecht School for the Arts in The Netherlands. Today I've been asked to
attend a seminar on the way the pre-graduate curriculum for Interaction
Design should evolve in the coming years. Currently the curriculum is
mainly focused on a practical form of Interaction Design and design of
multimedia in particular. The last years the theoretical approach has
been scaled down dramatically, for example a course into Cognitive
Psychology has been pulled from the curriculum. Information on the
Utrecht School of the Arts can be found here (most information is only
available in Dutch, graduate school information is available in English):

I am very interested in your vision and ideas on the way a pre-graduate
Interaction Design curriculum should be constructed. Where would you put
focus on? For example: I am going to talk about my experience with Alan
Coopers goal directed design approach.

Later on this year I am planning to host a symposium on the working
field of Interaction Design and the different approaches of today and
possibly the future. Any input on this will be more than welcome.

Thanks in advance,
Paul Reijnierse

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