Sneak Preview of Interactive Gestures Book

27 Feb 2008 - 8:26pm
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Dan Saffer

Interested in designing touchscreens, Wii-like gestural interfaces,
and interactive environments?

In advance of my Tap is the New Click presentation at ETech next week
(which will be repeated at WebVisions and probably elsewhere
throughout the year)


O'Reilly has graciously allowed me to post a draft of the first
chapter of my new book Interactive Gestures: Designing Gestural
Interfaces. It's pretty much my unedited first draft, but I think it
reads pretty well. Comments welcome, of course!

> (5.4mb pdf)

The book will be out in ~October of this year! Enjoy!


Dan Saffer
Interactive Gestures (O'Reilly 2008)

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