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2 Mar 2008 - 12:23am
8 years ago
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Dave Malouf

the link above is a CFP that I'm not connected with, but find to be
incredibly interesting personally and relevant to this community in

The call is from the Internal Journal of Design for papers on the
topic of "cultural aspects of interaction design".

cultural aspects of IxD interest me as an anthropologist and as a
designer. If we consider that "metaphor" is a core ingredient to our
tool set we must acknowledge that metaphor is incredibly ties to

I'd love to see people from this commmunity respond to this call, and
maybe here talk about their thoughts and experiences in regards to
this topic.

- dave


2 Mar 2008 - 7:08am

Thank you Dave, in a similar vein UI Garden recently published
research that; "compare(s) the practice of usability professionals in
the United Kingdom, Germany and China. It focuses on the development
of interactive products for local markets and for the other markets."
And part 2

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