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5 Mar 2008 - 6:47am
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Simon Clatworthy

We are looking for two highly motivated people to help build our
interaction design group at the Oslo School of Design and
Architecture. If you have plenty of design experience and are looking
to how you can impart this to students and industry, then this could
be an opportunity for you. At the same time you can come and live in
Scandinavia for a few years and explore some of the research areas
you always wanted to develop.

1. We are looking for a senior interaction designer to help
coordinate our courses and to teach one or more of the following
themes: interaction design, service design, design for rich media

2. We are looking for an experienced interaction designer to help
teach interaction design skills to our students, who primarily have a
bachelor in product design behind them.

Our focus is upon designing user experiences, and have developed a
course strategy around this (available on request).

We have a strong and developing research group that gives input to
our courses:
- AT-ONE: innovation in services www.service-innovation.org
- Record: design for rich media communities www.recordproject.org
- Touch: RFID, Near Field Communication and mobile terminals www.nearfield.org

Our group is tightly knitted together towards a common vision and
goal, and we feel we are in a privileged situation of being able to
work together.

If this is of interest for you, please contact me at clatwort at online.no

More information about the jobs is avaiable at www.aho.no (http://

Simon Clatworthy
Professor of Interaction Design
Institute for Design
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