[JOB] Entry Level Interaction Designer - Los Angeles, CA - ITG - Full Time

5 Mar 2008 - 8:58am
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Company: ITG

Location: Los Angeles

Job: Interaction Designer

We're looking for someone who

* is a recent graduate/ Summer of 2007 or more recent

* wants to make a difference and likes being challenged intellectually

* is interested in learning about interaction design and the exciting
world of global market trading

You are

Empathetic - able to design to the needs of our customers: intense and
focused traders and portfolio managers

Analytical - capable of analyzing complex information and environments

Creative - skillful at finding the right designs and interactions

Collaborative - able to work with others from many different disciplines

Inquisitive - can ask questions and get the answers to complex

Agile - c an produce quick results in this ever- changing world

Articulate - can use your interaction design tool set to communicate
designs to business and technology groups

Technophilic - can work with Adobe Photoshop, MS Windows Office Apps,
ASP.Net, .Net WinForms Components,

Swing, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Adobe Flex, MS Silverlight
and understand Windows UI Standards

Our customer

What's it like to be an ITG customer? Imagine a stock trader, a
Bluetooth permanently attached to their head, attentively watching 8
monitors for pertinent information. From market news, TV Services, and
ITG applications, the trader's screens flow with information. Our trader
is in a room with 20 other traders, all of them barking orders. Every
second counts. With 7 hours to make a difference, moving thousands of
dollars per second, our trader can make an impact in their client's
bottom line.

Why your work is important to ITG

Time is money for traders and they count on our applications

to help them make money using technology as their edge.

Who is ITG?

Investment Technology Group, Inc., is a specialized agency brokerage and
technology firm with vast experience spanning the entire investment
process. From pretrade, to order management, trade execution and
post-trade tools, we develop innovative technologies that help our
clients navigate trading complexities, enhance performance, and solve
critical business problems.

For more about ITG - http://www.itg.com

Send resume to: rick.allen at itg.com

Email subject line should include: Interaction designer

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