"Gathering" requirements (was: NN/g IxD immersion course)

11 Mar 2008 - 4:29am
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Petteri Hiisilä

Kim Bieler kirjoitti 10.3.2008 kello 23:44:
> I'm particularly interested in the "gathering requirements" portion,
> since I desperately need some clues about interviewing and research.

Disclaimer: This is not an opinion against the course, but an opinion
against the "gathering" metaphor.

The requirements aren't out there just to collect in a bag. The
requirements are the interim result of an interaction designer's
thought process, not its starting point.

1. Current human behavior <-- Observation, discussion, reading, using
2. Goals <-- Analysis of the current behavior
3. Future human behavior <-- Inventing, design, scenarios, analysis
4. Product/service requirements <-- The first set, for IxD and
5. Framework <-- A generic representation of the solution
6. Details <-- A detailed representation of the solution
7. Technical requirements <-- The final set, for engineering and coders

My point is that there are many steps of actual design, before I have
a sheet of developer-friendly functional requirements to offer, and in
my opinion the metaphor "gathering" is a very inaccurate word to
describe these these steps.

You won't invent email just by observing snail mail users. There has
to be a heureka moment somewhere to fill that gap, and I almost always
have it at around step #3 - before the requirements. I find it silly
to think that the requirements were there to collect like flowers from


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