Job: Information Architect/Interaction Design. Loc: NYC. CO: Ariel Partners: Recruiter/ Full-time Employee or Contract. Duration: 2-4 Years

17 Mar 2008 - 4:06pm
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*Information Architect/Interaction Design*

This position is for immediate hire. Structure flexible for the right
resource able to make a long term commitment; i.e. Full-time Employee or
Long term consulting will also be considered.

This opportunity involves the development of a Web based product on a
J2EE Websphere platform employing AJAX Technologies on the front end.
The Product is an Enterprise Scale Management System to help large
client and its sub-agencies manage critical resources.

*Location:* Highly accessible; near Penn Station in NYC.

*Description:* Designing for leading edge interactive AJAX web (thin
client, rich GUI or RIA), developing screens; work closely with business
analysts, clients, and the UI development team.

Application UI/ID/UX position, major deliverables are Hi-Fi prototype,
which use fairly complex JavaScript; used by development as a spec and
by management to foster client feedback, and to support inside sales.
JavaScript skills would be necessary for a candidate to be successful.
Visual design, information architecture and interaction design. Help
refine the technological concepts like XSL/Ajax; that power the
application front-end. Work closely with development to ensure
successful implementation of GUI specifications.

*Required Strengths:*
· Strong Application Design background, with heavy thin
client/browser based applications,
· Ability to design from requirements, design from scratch.
· Ability to facilitate collaborative requirements definition
meetings from a user advocates position.
· Hands on experience with fundamentals of design; Full SDLC
experience from a UI POV, including: Abstract design, articulate logic
flows as well as screen-flows; states and transitions. (Focused Exp.
· Lo-Fi to Hi-Fi hands-on Prototyping (Focused Exp. Required)
· Field research, CI (Contextual Inquiry)
· Test Experience

*Application Design Experience required*; Excellent written and oral
communication skills; Excellent problem solving and analytical skills.

*Technical Skills Profile:*


* JavaScript: (High-intermediate to advanced level) at minimum;
ability to hand code simple JS, and repurpose complex JS
libraries. Write production ready JavaScript code.

* DHTML, CSS, in a production environment: (Advanced)
* Graphics applications Like DreamWeaver, Photoshop, Illustrator,
Visio or similar tools exp. To do mockup web pages
* AJAX - Familiarity: The candidate should be cognizant of the
latest trends in UI, i.e. AJAX/Web 2.0.
* Object Oriented Programming concepts


* Dojo, Scriptaculous, as well as familiarity with XML are big pluses.
* AJAX/Web 2.0 Experience: High-end interactive design experience
incorporating AJAX Web 2.0 technologies
* Experience with Product Development; Strongly preferred

Detailed Breakdown/Elaboration of full profile of the environment
expectations (required) and or desired for the Resource.

Sr. Interaction Design; Job Acronyms, (all are relevant):

*ID -* Interaction design, state flow and transition of screens and
widgets, (basically forms, tables displays, (displays are like read only
forms), messaging, etc). Plus you may have map interaction, Ajax
widgets, etc.

*UX *- User Experience, overall user experience using the interface,
impressions, end to end interaction

*UI -* User Interface, GUI design, actual design and style of screens
and widgets

*IA -* Information Architecture, Information structure, navigation,
hierarchical organization of information, layout precedence, etc

*Technical Knowledge needed, (Note minimum experience can be balanced
off by other skills):*

* HTML -- Intermediate to Advanced knowledge -- Required
* DHTML -- Intermediate to Advanced knowledge -- Required
* CSS -- Intermediate to Advanced knowledge -- Required
* JavaScript -- Intermediate to Advanced knowledge -- Required

*/JS Frameworks:/*
Scriptacuous -- Knowledge of to Advanced knowledge -- Nice to have
EXT -- Knowledge of to Advanced knowledge -- Nice to have

*/Design Experience/*

*Must Have:*

* Excellent "conceptual" design skills, be able to "design on the fly".
* Ability to take spoken and written requirements and create
Interaction Designs and User Interfaces from these requirements.
* Excellent layout skills. Know proper usage of white space,
contrast, consistency, precedence, and gestalt principles.
* Descent to Intermediate Graphics skills. Be able to make
reasonable icons and knowledge to use colors correctly.
* Ability to create optimal screen flows.
* Taxonomy development.
* Flow Chart development.
* Web 2.0/Ajax design.
* Design for Enterprise Web Applications.

*Nice to have:*

* Visual Vocabulary.
* Activity Diagram development.
* Sequence Diagram development.
* RUP and Rational.

*/Prototyping,/* (intermediate to expert level)

* Whiteboard Prototyping
* Paper Prototyping
* HTML Prototyping
* Lo-fi Prototyping
* Mid-fi Prototyping
* Hi-fi Prototyping

*/Project Management: /*Presentation abilities and General Knowledge,
(all skills are required at Senior level):
/ /
*Must Have*:

* Ability to present and discuss complex interactions, with and
without prototypes, to a variety of stakeholders.
* Guide discussions in order to achieve optimal UI and Usability.
* Be the User Interface/ Interaction Design Expert.
* Understand and work within dynamic timelines.
* Be flexible with changing requirements and feedback.
* Elicit and interpret requirements from stakeholders in order to
achieve successful and optimal UI.
* Have a sense of humor and don't take feedback personally.
* Designing in full SDLC.
* Basically be pleasant and presentable

*Nice to Have:*

* Agile Process.
* XP Process.
* Scrum Process

*/Usability and User testing Experience/*, (Intermediate to Advanced
skills required for at least ½ of these):

* Heuristic Evaluations
* Field Testing
* Think Out Loud Techniques
* Control Room Testing
* Survey creation and execution, online and in person
* Shadowing techniques
* Contextual Inquiry
* Persona development
* Profile development
* Archetype development
* GOMS evaluation
* UCD -- User Centered Design

*Knowledge of UX/UI Gurus and companies*, and what they're concepts are,
(Should know and be able to discuss concepts from at least 20% of these
*/ /*

Jacob Nielson
Donald Norman
Bruce "Tog" Tognazzini
Alan Cooper
Jared Spool
Cristina Wodtke
Luke Wrobeleski
Robert Reimman
Karen Holtzenblatt
Hugh Beyers
Edward Tufte
Richard Saul Wurman
Bill Buxton
Dan Saffer
Jesse James Garret
Steve Krug
Peter Morvile
Louis Rosenfield
Dan Brown
Bill Moggridge
Larry Constantine
Theo Mandel


Nielson Norman Group
Adaptive Path
37 Signals
Frog Design
MIT Media Lab
Xerox PARC


*Education *- Bachelors/Masters, (should have at least a bachelors,
masters is good -- NOTE -- experience trumps education ALWAYS!!!)

Computer Science
Cognitive Psychology
Industrial Design
(Can easily have other degrees)

Qualified and interested candidates can email resume directly to:
recruiting at and may include samples or portfolio link.

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