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25 Mar 2008 - 7:03am
6 years ago
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I just noticed Google Docs has a new feature in the Sharing section of a
spreadsheet, called "Invite people to fill out a form".
It seems to me like a pretty neat way to get online feedback/info from your
users. Of course, it has all the limitations a feedback form has as far as
quality and quantity of information, but I'm thinking it could be useful
when forms is what you need anyway.
For example, I was just in the middle of editing some feedback forms as word
docs (e-mailing is the best shot I have to get any feedback in this
project). What I would have to do is send the docs via e-mail, get them back
filled in and then centralize all the data gotten. With this feature, all
the summarizing seems to be done automatically.
Also, for small websites that don't mind using Google stuff, a feedback link
in the Contact section could lead to this easily created, easily managed
feedback form.
Any thought / experiences?


Sergiu Sebastian Tauciuc


25 Mar 2008 - 1:09pm
Leandro Alves

I like using surveygizmo because it has a free account and you're
able to create different kinds of surveys. Moreover, it generates
graphics and reports that could be exported in different data

Google form has the advantage of possibiliting the user to respond
directly on email. The big disadvantage is that you have limited kind
of questions. But, like Google always do, they'll probably increase
these features.

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26 Mar 2008 - 9:05pm

> Watch out with the free account on surveygizmo. If you have
> required questions in your survey it will prevent the user from
> advancing to the next page of the survey (or submitting the
> survey), but it will not flag the question that is required. The
> survey participant has no idea which question they screwed up. It's
> a big problem.
> I do agree though that they have really good graphics and reports.
> On Mar 25, 2008, at 11:09 AM, Leandro Alves wrote:
>> I like using surveygizmo because it has a free account and you're
>> able to create different kinds of surveys. Moreover, it generates
>> graphics and reports that could be exported in different data
>> formats
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27 Mar 2008 - 4:45pm

I tried out the form feature in Google Docs. I think it's cool, but, I also think it's weird to have it as a function from a spreadsheet. I had to create the spreadsheet first before being able to create the form and then the responses showed up in my spreadsheet. that made some sense, but I still think that I would prefer to create my questionnaire first, then see the responses directly in a spreadsheet that is automatically generated. and I wouldn't have known I could create a form unless you had said where I needed to go to do it =)

I've used SurveyMonkey in the past which is cool because you can program different pathways based on user answers. BUT, this feature, like others, is only available when you buy a membership. also, the free version let's you program only up to 10 questions =( I had to buy the membership, but used it only a couple of times, so I felt a little cheated. the way they give you the data in excel format is cool though. wish it was freer. ah well.

6 Apr 2010 - 4:29am

So far I find Google's application very helpful. I recently heard that one of the new debates in the realm of Coke or Pepsi, Beatles or Stones (the answer is SLAYER!), is presently Yahoo mail or Google or rather, Gmail. I actually have both, but I admit to liking and using Gmail more. It's easier, and the chat doesn't require you to install much. Google Talk is far less invasive than Yahoo IM, but Yahoo could be a real contender with the G machine (or Skynet) if they merge with Bing, although you practically need a pay day loan for Gmail's storage capacity on Yahoo. Wherever Yahoo's HQ is at could be the first target once Google unleashes the Terminators, and believe me they'll.

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