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23 Sep 2004 - 10:35am
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Dave Malouf

Hi everyone,

I get a lot of posts that require further attention and a lot of questions
from people regarding many if not all of the issues in the Instructions &
Guidelines for this list. First off here are the links to these two
documents on our web site:



I also know that many people won't click forward so I thought I'd point out
in detail the most frequently asked questions/issues that arise.

Posting Job Listings:
When posting a job listing to IxD Discussion, please include the following
information in your message's subject line:

* job title
* location
* company name or, if you are a recruiter, Recruiter
* Full Time, Part Time, or Contract

Cross-Posting Email Messages
Please do not send a single email message to

* multiple mailing lists-regardless of whether the Interaction Design
Group (IxDG) hosts all of the lists or both IxDG and one or more other
organizations host the lists
* IxD Discussion and individuals who are not subscribers of the list

If recipients reply to a cross-posted message, but are not subscribers of
one or more of the mailing lists to which the message was sent, the
administrators of all lists of which they are not subscribers must
individually handle their replies. Please be considerate of your mailing
list administrators and refrain from cross-posting messages. When posting a
message to IxD Discussion, please address your message to only
discuss at

Using Multiple Email Addresses

Mailman, our mailing-list manager, allows only postings from subscribed
email addresses. Therefore, if you want to post messages to IxD Discussion
from multiple email addresses, you must subscribe to IxD Discussion from
each of those addresses. See Subscribing to IxD Discussion.

To prevent your receiving duplicate email messages at multiple addresses,
you can disable mail delivery on all but one of your email addresses. For
each email address at which you do not want to receive IxD Discussion
postings, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Change Your Subscription page.
2. Type a subscribed email address in the Email address box, then click
Unsubscribe or Edit Options.

Note: Be sure to log in using the email address at which you do not
want to receive postings.
3. On your Member Options page, type your password in the Password box,
then click Log In.
4. On your Membership Configuration page, under Your Subscription Options, set your Mail
Delivery option to Disabled.

Important: Do not select Set globally.
5. Click Submit My Changes.

Mail Delivery Option (Useful when going on vacation)

When you subscribe to IxD Discussion, mail delivery is enabled by default.
If you are going away on vacation or business, please set your Mail Delivery
option to Disabled.

For information about setting up Mail Delivery options for multiple email
addresses, see Using Multiple Emailing Addresses.

If anyone should have any questions about these and all the other guidelines
and instructions please feel free to e-mail me at lists at

Now back to our previously scheduled discussion.

-- dave

David Heller
dave (at) ixdg (dot) org

AIM: bolinhanyc // Y!: dave_ux // MSN: hippiefunk at

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