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24 Nov 2003 - 12:05pm
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: Challis Hodge asked:
: An interesting side note: The V8 engine is one of the most ineeficient
: to turn fossil fuels into motion yet it dominates the automobile industry
: this day. The rotory engine is just one example of a morte efficient
: Don't examples like this beg the question, what is driving the industry?


That was the answer that downed on me when I first read the following:

Turn of the Century
by James Surowiecki

"William Sellers knew that the end of the hand-tooled machine age was
So he grabbed the manufacturing elite by the nuts and bolts and dragged
them into the mass production era. A case study in the power of standards"

It's a great article/case study and I always refer people to it whenever the
topic of innovation, standards or industry direction emerges. I'm sending it
because if you take apart the standards and innovation talk, you'll find one
fine piece of persuasive strategy, and that's what drives the industry.


Livia Labate
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