JOB - Web/UI Designer - Anywhere - Food Moves, Inc. - Contract

27 Mar 2008 - 6:02pm
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Food Moves, Inc.

We're looking for a contractor to redesign our web application for
improved usability. You must have both graphic design and usability
analysis skills. The project budget is $5K to $10K, depending on scope
and experience. You can work from anywhere (no in-person meetings

Our site,,, is an online
auction site for the produce industry (think "eBay for truckloads of
tomatoes"). We hope to bring down the cost of fresh food (for
everyone) and improve the quality of life for food producers (in the
US and Latin America) by introducing Internet efficiencies to the
produce supply chain. This is a unique professional challenge: Traders
in the produce industry are reluctant to use the web and we want you
to find ways to make it easier for them to adopt our trading platform.

We're privately funded by people in the produce industry. Our business
style is more "mom 'n pop" than corporate; you will be directly
engaged in a group process with the lead developer and the company's
owners to redefine the architecture and look-and-feel of the site.

The ideal contractor (or design team) will have strong visual
communication skills as a graphic designer, with an ability to render
complete page designs in Photoshop. He or she must also have practical
experience with usability best practices and research methodologies.
At a minimum he or she must be prepared to informally interview
several of our current users and synthesize user experience
observations as part of the process of developing a site redesign.

This project does not require extensive proposals, documentation, or
written specifications. Rather, you must be prepared to participate in
a series of phone conference calls with the company principals,
explaining what you've learned and what you are proposing. An
acceptable deliverable is a set of pages rendered in Photoshop with a
memo that explains and justifies design decisions in terms of improved
user experience.

We'd like to see your portfolio. Please send a list of URLs for sites
you've designed to: kehoe (at)

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