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30 Mar 2008 - 9:15pm
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Jeff Howard

Over the past few years our traffic has grown quite a bit, from
around 50 posts a week in 2004 to as many as 50 posts a day in 2008.
More than a few of you are grappling with how to cope with this rising
tide of e-mail. That's why the website and the RSS feeds exist, but I
know that some of you prefer to stay in contact via your inbox.

So here's a new touchpoint. Thread digests are halfway between the
full e-mail subscription and traditional daily digests. The daily
digests that we were using before were pretty basic. They were a non-
threaded collection of the day's posts and with fifty messages each
they were getting hard to read.

Here's the new digest design:

Instead of a digest for the entire discussion list, these are digests
for individual threads. One e-mail per thread. Subscribers receive a
limited number of digests three times a day (morning, afternoon and
evening) for threads that have been active that day. This way
subscribers can be notified of conversations while they're hot
without being overwhelmed by the full torrent of e-mail.

Digest Overview:
- One e-mail digest per discussion thread
- Limited to threads with five or more participants
- No more than five e-mails per mailing (generally fewer)
- Follow thread updates on an opt-in basis

I've been testing it out for the past few weeks and things seem to be
working well. If you'd like to give it a shot, head to your profile
page on the IxDA site, go to your subscription options and choose
thread digests. You can switch them on or off or switch back to full
e-mail whenever you want.


The thread digests are still in beta, so if you have questions or
ideas for improvement, please get in touch: feedback at ixda dot org.

// jeff

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