BayDUX Launch Announcement

27 Sep 2004 - 8:37pm
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Hello Everyone

Here's the announcement for the launch of the BayDUX site that will go out
in the BayCHI newsletter--probably in a couple days. If you want to share
this URL with others, please feel free to do so.


Announcing BayDUX

The co-chairs of BayDUX, Pabini Gabriel-Petit, Fred Sampson, and Mike Van
Riper, are pleased to announce the debut of the BayDUX Web presence at

BayDUX is a coalition of San Francisco Bay Area professional organizations
that grew out of our joint participation in the DUX2003 (Designing for User
Experiences, conference. UXnet (User Experience Network, is a new organization whose mission is fostering cooperation
and collaboration among the many organizations that serve the international
user experience design community. Because UXnet and BayDUX share a common
purpose, BayDUX is now the local presence for UXnet in the San Francisco
Bay Area. Our co-chairs also serve as UXnet Local Ambassadors.

Our goals are to:

* Facilitate collaboration between local groups
* Organize cooperative local events
* Promote and support UXnet
* Promote and support future DUX conferences

Please visit the BayDUX site for contact information and a list of
supporting organizations. And be sure to join us at BayCHI's special
program on October 12 to discuss how you can participate in BayDUX.

BayDUX thanks BayCHI for generously providing space on the BayCHI Web site
and Steve Williams for his generous volunteer efforts in support of the
BayDUX page.

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