His this an Interaction Design issue?

8 Apr 2008 - 6:04pm
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Pedro Neves


I'm involved in a organisation of a meeting to promote a urban historic
centre renewal trough the participation of the highest number of actors that
use the respective space.

Due to my designer / architect profile and the interest about the issues of
interaction design in its more broad usages, I wold like to have a sense of
receptivity of the implementation of Interaction design work process in this
kind of initiatives.

At the end, if using the interaction design designation it's suitable, after
all we wish to give conditions for the citizens to design the interactions
of the users in this urban context (Lisbon - Portugal).

Pedro Soares Neves


8 Apr 2008 - 9:35pm
Itamar Medeiros

Quoting IxDA introduction about What is Interaction Design

"The discipline of interaction design produces products and services
that satisfy specific user needs, business goals, and technical
constraints. Interaction designers advance their discipline by
exploring innovative design paradigms and technological

That been said, one could say that both Users and Business demands
for sustainability, which will determine some of the "technical

Alexa Andrzejewski wrote a very interesting post at Adaptive Path's
blog, called "What does experience design have to do with
worth checking it out.

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