[EVENT] Rethinking China Shanghai June 24-30, 2008

10 Apr 2008 - 7:35pm
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Join the Research without Borders team along with iXDA Shanghai and
UPA China at Rethinking China! June 24-30, 2008 in Shanghai:

Today's Chinese consumers are fueled by rising affluence, product
choices, brand selection and new aspirations for the future. As China
dives into Capitalism, how are the everyday lives of the Chinese
people changing in the world’s fastest growing economy?

Global consulting firm, Moving Target Research Group and the Research
without Borders team; an International team of researchers, futurists,
cultural interpreters and local market experts will be leading the
Rethinking China! excursion to Shanghai, June 24-30, 2008, to
experience first-hand how the future is unfolding in the New China in

"Rethinking China is an intensive deep-dive immersion into the
evolving lifestyles, attitudes, behaviors and needs of today's Chinese
consumers", explains Valerie Romley, director of the "Rethinking
Today's Emerging Markets" series.

Through a series of on-site, experiential and ethnographic visits,
business leaders will get an intimate and in-depth look into China's
emerging consumer culture. The small group format allows for
unparalleled access into the lives of today's Chinese consumers via in-
home visits, retail shop-alongs and man-on-the-street interviews to
reveal real-time consumer-centric insights. "The visits to local homes
are an incredible opportunity to peek into the private life of
consumers as they go about their daily life; going to school or work,
shopping, cooking and even going out on the town." says Romley.

On-site visits with local industry experts from Shanghai's leading
innovation labs, design studios and advertising agencies, will deliver
fresh insights into the emerging cultural trends, market opportunities
and cross-cultural challenges of doing business in China.

Who should attend? Rethinking China! is particularly valuable for
those in charge of strategy, marketing, research and development,
product design and user experience for their organization.

Visit http://www.rethinkingchina.com or call Valerie Romley at
800-308-2899 extension 701.

About Moving Target Research Group (MTRG):
MTRG (http://www.movingtargetresearch.com) is a research consultancy
that explores, translates and synthesizes consumer ideology into
actionable intelligence in today's global marketplace.

The Rethinking Today's Emerging Markets series delivers unparalleled
culture-driven insights into today's emerging market consumers.
Upcoming excursions open to the public include, Rethinking China, in
Beijing October 14-20, 2008 http://www.movingtargetresearch.com/china_itinerary_beijing.html
and Rethinking India November 11-17, 2008.

Corporate market excursions are customized and designed to meet the
specific goals of the organization or industry.

Valerie Romley
Chief Research Officer
Moving Target Research Group
Connecting Brands with Today's Transcultural Consumers
Direct 415.282.1520 (GMT-08:00)
Skype: movingtargetresearch

Interested in learning about today's emerging markets first hand?
Join us for a deep dive into the hearts and minds of the new consumers
of the emerging markets;
Rethinking the Emerging Markets! http://www.movingtargetresearch.com/immersions.html

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