Job: Sr. Interaction Designer - Loc: NYC. CO: Ariel Partners: Recruiter/ Full-time Employee or Long Term Contract

17 Apr 2008 - 8:36am
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Senior Interaction Designer: Loc: NYC. CO:Ariel Partners LLC;
Recruiter: Full-time Employee or Contract; long term

This position is for immediate hire. The salary/rate and tax structure is
open for the right resource able to make a long term commitment; i.e.
Full-time or Long term consulting will be considered.

This opportunity involves the development of a Web based product on a
J2EE Websphere platform employing Web 2.0/ AJAX Technologies on the front
end. The Product is an Enterprise Scale Time and Attendance Workforce
Management System to help large client and its sub-agencies manage
critical resources.

Location: Highly accessible; near Penn Station in NYC.


Designing for leading edge interactive AJAX web (thin client, rich GUI
or RIA), developing screens; work closely with business analysts,
clients, and the UI development team. Application UI/ID/UX position,
major deliverables are Hi-Fi prototype, which use fairly complex
JavaScript; used by development as a spec and by management to foster
client feedback, and to support inside sales.

Intermediate JavaScript skills would be necessary for a candidate to be
successful. Visual design, information architecture and interaction
design. Help refine the technological concepts like XSL/Ajax; that
power the application front-end. Work closely with development to ensure
successful implementation of GUI specifications.

Required Strengths:

* Strong Application Design background, with heavy thin
client/browser based applications,
* Ability to design from written and verbal requirements.
* Ability to facilitate collaborative requirements definition
meetings from a user advocates position.
* Hands on experience with fundamentals of design; Full SDLC
experience from a UI POV, including: Abstract design, articulate logic
flows as well as screen-flows; states and transitions. (Focused Exp.

* Lo-Fi to Hi-Fi hands-on Prototyping (Focused Exp. Required)
* Field research, CI (Contextual Inquiry)
* User Testing Experience

This individual could have e-commerce experience but MUST have very strong
Application Design Experience; (not limited to corporate web site or
shopping web site design) Excellent written and oral communication
skills; Excellent problem solving and analytical skills.

Technical Skills Profile:


* JavaScript: (Intermediate to Advanced level); ability to hand code
simple JS, and repurpose complex JS libraries.
* DHTML, CSS, in a production environment: (Advanced)
* Advanced Experience with Design applications DreamWeaver,
Photoshop, Illustrator, Visio or similar tools exp. To do mockup web pages
* AJAX - Familiarity: The candidate should be cognizant of the
latest trends in UI, i.e. AJAX/Web 2.0.
* Object Oriented Programming concepts


* EXT Framework, Dojo, Scriptaculous, as well as familiarity with
XML are big pluses.
* AJAX/Web 2.0 Experience: High-end interactive design experience
incorporating AJAX Web 2.0 technologies
* Experience with Product Development; Strongly preferred

Detail Elaboration for Profile and Environment

Technical Knowledge needed:

* HTML -- Intermediate to Advanced knowledge -- Required
* DHTML -- Intermediate to Advanced knowledge -- Required
* CSS -- Intermediate to Advanced knowledge -- Required
* JavaScript -- Intermediate to Advanced knowledge -- Required

JS Frameworks:

* Scriptacuous -- Knowledge of to Advanced knowledge -- Nice to have
EXT -- Knowledge of to Advanced knowledge -- Nice to have

Design Experience
Must Have:

* Excellent "conceptual" design skills, be able to "design on the fly".
Ability to take spoken and written requirements and create
Interaction Designs and User Interfaces from these requirements.
* Excellent layout skills. Know proper usage of white space,
contrast, consistency, precedence, and gestalt principles.
* Intermediate Graphics skills. Be able to make reasonable icons and
knowledge to use colors correctly.
* Ability to create optimal screen flows.
* Taxonomy development.
* Flow Chart development.
* Web 2.0/Ajax design.
* Design for Enterprise Web Applications.

Prototyping(intermediate to expert level, required)

* Whiteboard Prototyping
* Paper Prototyping
* HTML Prototyping
* Lo-fi Prototyping
* Mid-fi Prototyping
* Hi-fi Prototyping

Project Management, Presentation abilities and General Knowledge,(all
skills are required at Senior level):

Must Have:

* Ability to present and discuss complex interactions, with and
without prototypes, to a variety of stakeholders.
* Guide discussions in order to achieve optimal UI and Usability. * Be the
User Interface/ Interaction Design Expert.
* Understand and work within dynamic timelines.
* Be flexible with changing requirements and feedback.
* Elicit and interpret requirements from stakeholders in order to
achieve successful and optimal UI.
* Have a sense of humor and don't take feedback personally.
* Designing in full SDLC.
* Basically be pleasant and presentable

Process Knowledge,(nice to have):

* Agile Process.
* XP Process.
* Scrum Process.
* UCD -- User Centered Design

Usability and User testing Experience, (Intermediate to Advanced skills
is a plus):

* Heuristic Evaluations
* Field Tests
* Control Room Testing
* Surveys
* Contextual Inquiry
* Persona development

Knowledge of UX/UI thought leaders,(knowledgeable of some to all of these

* Jacob Nielson
* Donald Norman
* Bruce "Tog" Tognazzini
* Alan Cooper
* Jared Spool
* Robert Reimman
* Karen Holtzenblatt
* Edward Tufte
* Bill Buxton
* Jesse James Garret
* Steve Krug
* Peter Morvile
* Louis Rosenfield

Education- Bachelors/Masters, desired coursework, (can be flexible):

* Computer Science
* Cognitive Psychology
* Industrial Design
* Engineering
* (Other degrees with experience)

Qualified and interested candidates can email resume directly to:
recruiting at and may include samples or portfolio link.

Posted by:

Bert Copello

Strategic Sourcing
Ariel Partners, LLC

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