Best practices for UGC mechanisms?

22 Apr 2008 - 5:52am
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Jan Willem Heining

Hey all, I'd like to know what your experiences are with designing
online contests where site visitors get to upload/create stuff on a site
(to win a prize) which is being placed in gallery and where others get
to vote/rate the entries.

Some interesting questions concerning this subject are:

* How do you prevent cheating with voting/rating, without making
the barrier of voting to big?
(or more concrete: how do you prevent that contestants aren't
voting their entry to the top 10 themselves; is email validation, using
an activation mail, smart or too much effort and does something like
CAPTCHA <> work better?)
* Which voting mechanisms work best (i.e. 'hot or not-mechanism',
5 star ranking, digg-mechanism, respect credits, etc.)?
* What formulas can be used to create top 10 lists (where the
amount of ratings and the average rating are being taken in
consideration, i.e. somebody with 1000 votes and an average of let's say
4,1 ends up higher than somebody with 4 votes and an average of 4,5)?

I've been creating quite some online contests for brands already, but
every time I'm considering these (and other) questions over and over
again (I don't want to name all possible questions, but just give a few
to start up the discussion). Therefore I'd like to know what your
experiences are and if you know some research about this.

Please let me know what you think about it and see if we can come up
with some good insights.

Thanks in advance,


Jan Willem Heining
Interaction Designer

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