Information architecture also a form of interaction design?

24 Apr 2008 - 11:47am
8 years ago
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Erik Bazuin

Hi there
Im wondering...
Is information Architecture also a form of Interaction Design?

Greetings erik
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25 Apr 2008 - 2:37pm
Dave Malouf

Erik, there are so many answers to this question so I'll give you 3:

Yes, IA is a form of IxD ... Why?
The purpose of IA one can say is to prepare information and information structures for later interaction, ergo it is a form of IxD.

No, IA is a part of IxD ... Why?
Well taking the above definition of IA one would stand to say that it is a part of IxD, b/c IxD itself takes on more than merely information.

No, IA & IxD are spearate parts of a larger whole of UX.
IA deals with structuring and organizing information
IxD is about the behavior of interactions.

I'm sure there are about 1 dozen other ways to skin this cat.

-- dave

25 Apr 2008 - 5:29pm
Itamar Medeiros

This is fresh in my mind, since I've been evangelizing the Interaction Design practice a lot recently:

"While interaction designers often work closely with specialists in visual design, information architecture, industrial design, user research, or usability, and may even provide some of these services themselves, their primary focus is on defining interactivity." (

I found myself doing a lot of information architecture as part of my practice, but I would say it would be IA is a support methodology.

{ Itamar Medeiros }

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