Have you heard of "Three-in-One User Study" for Focused Collaboration?

6 May 2008 - 5:02am
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Itamar Medeiros

the latest issue of the International Journal of Design
(http://www.ijdesign.org/) has this interesting article that
introduces a human-centered design approach -- the Three-in-One User
Study -- which applies a set of methods to speed up and focus on the
design process. With a Three-in-One, designers' face-to-face contacts
with users are concentrated into one collaborative designer-user
session where preproduced self-documentation material and early design
models enable focused collaborative exploration.

Three-in-One combines three different complementary points of view to
design: users' subjective interpretations, designers' focused
observations, and design interventions with models. Three-in-One was
applied in a kick-bike design case, and it led to improvements to the
initial concept, as well as justified decisions for further design

Read the full article (from the INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF DESIGN) at:

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