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20 May 2008 - 2:36am
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It's really sad, but there is no new widgets and libraries for
Axure... All widgets in Axure - It's a limit of programm.

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20 May 2008 - 6:56am
Fred Beecher

On 5/19/08, Alinta Thornton <athornton at> wrote:
> Can anyone point me to shape libraries for Axure? The drawing tools are
> so limited.

What shapes are you looking for?

While there are no libraries out there that I know of, Axure does allow you
to make "custom widgets." What you do is create a master, right-click on the
master, and select Behavior > Custom Widget. What this does is to change the
behavior of the master such that when you assign it to any page, you can
edit each of these instances (if you edit the master, though, the changes
are not reflected in the on-page instances).

You can make this even more powerful by assigning regular masters *to* your
custom widget masters to create large, complex "shapes." I use this to make
page types. I'll assign my top navigation master, left navigation master,
and right sidebar master (or whatever they all happen to be) to my custom
widget, and then I'll add individual widgets (text widgets, form fields,
etc.). I'll do this for each page type on the site. Then when I create a
page that needs to be, e.g., a "hub page," I'll drag the Hub Page custom
widget to the new page and just change the stuff in the content area. This
saves huge amounts of time.

Another thing we've done at our organization is to develop a template. We
use it in one of two ways. We either start Axure projects using the
template, or we import custom widgets from it into our new projects. In
essence, it's a pseudo pattern library.

Do you have particular shapes or interactions you do the same way each time?
If so, I encourage you to set these all up as custom widgets in one Axure
file and use that file as a template like I described above. That will get
you to your shape libraries.

If you want advice on how to create particular shapes, feel free to contact
me off list.

Take care,

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