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28 Nov 2003 - 8:55am
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Dave Malouf

I have noticed a trend especially of Yahoo e-mail address users that many
people are ending up with bounce-backs to the system and then your
subscriptions being disabled and eventually removed. I have re-enabled all
previously "banned" addresses due to bounce-backs so they can hopefully
receive this message. And I have increased the bounce-back tolerance levels
for the list.

I suggest one of the following course of actions:
1. use a different account entirely
2. check your accounts more often and remove uneeded e-mail.
3. forward e-mail from your yahoo account to an address that has less
4. pay yahoo the extra money so your quota is higher

Unfortunately, because quotas are based on file size and not # of messages
going into digest mode won't help.

For everyone else, I think it would be good to be sympathetic and do what
you can to trim your posts to only include those aspects of the thread that
you are directly responding to. While for a single e-mail this may reduce a
kilobyte or 2, for the 100 or so we get a week this could have a big impact.

I know another piece of this is the added size of multi-part messages due to
HTML use. I have made a decision though not to prohibit the use of HTML on
our lists. But I encourage people to use plain-text as much as they can.
Thank you!

One way or another some users are effected by these decisions negatively and
positively, so there is no win-win decisions. I think for a list of our
market place however that people should be expected to have e-mail addresses
that can handle this much e-mail, or they should check their e-mail and
manage it more closely.

Thank you for your time.

-- dave

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