interactions magazine, May+June 2008

27 May 2008 - 3:48pm
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Richard I. Anderson

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interactions magazine, May+June 2008

Interactions: A New Renaissance of Worlds Colliding
Richard Anderson, Jon Kolko

Section: Looking at Things Differently

Designing from the Inside/Out
Laura Seargeant Richardson

The Experience Cycle
Hugh Dubberly, Shelley Evenson

Take a Chance on Me: Using Randomness for the Design of Digital Devices
Tuck Leong, Steve Howard, Frank Vetere

What Do We Mean by "Program?" The Convergence of Architecture and
Interface Design
Benjamin H. Bratton

Images of Sustainable Interactions: Seeing with the Lens of Sustainability
Eli Blevis, Shunying Blevis

Travel Back in Time: Design Methods of Two Billionaire Industrialists
Jonathan Grudin

Crossword Puzzle: Looking at This Issue Differently

Section: The Challenge at the Interface

Waiting: A Necessary Part of Life
Don Norman

Keep Your Hair On: Designed and Emergent Interactions for Graphical
Virtual Worlds
Elizabeth Churchill with Bob Moore

Designing Online Interactions: What Kids Want and What Designers Know
Allison Druin

Parents Just Don't Understand
Tom Chi, Kevin Cheng

HCI Impact and Uncitedness
John Hopson

The Journey is the Reward
Steve Portigal

Section: Optimistic Futurism

Optimistic Futurism
Richard Seymour

Dancing in the Streets
Scott Palmer, Sita Popat

Merging Design, Business, and Sustainability: The Designers Accord
Allison Arieff, Valerie Casey

UCD in Chinese IT Enterprises
Zhengjie Liu with Zhiwei Guo, Kai Qian, Huiling Wei, Ning Zhang

Into the Groove: Lessons from the Desktop Music Revolution
David Cronin

Closing: interactions cafe

On the Experience Ecosystem, Drama, Choreography, ...
Jon Kolko, Richard Anderson
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Richard I. Anderson

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