JOB: User Experience Designer / San Francisco / The Mechanical Zoo / Full Time

28 May 2008 - 3:14pm
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Fritz Schneider

COMPANY: The Mechanical Zoo

The Mechanical Zoo is home to a new type of search that makes it easy
to find subjective information. Our team includes experienced
entrepreneurs, ex-Google engineers, and a philosophy professor working
together in downtown San Francisco.


JOB LOCATION: San Francisco, CA

JOB TITLE: User Experience Designer



At The Mechanical Zoo our work is focused on the user. We've made a
commitment to an active program of user research from the very start,
employing qualitative and quantitative methods to guide the product
design process. We think about user experience within the broader
context of design and psychology, beyond questions of specific

We're looking for a User Experience Designer to help set the
direction, tone, and strategy for our products. We're seeking someone
who will contribute directly in their particular areas of expertise
(web design, quantitative usability research, UI design, etc.) -- but
also someone who can help guide product development at all levels, not
just at the level of interaction design or graphic design for the

The unique nature of our core service presents an exciting opportunity
for a UX Designer to shape the fundamental offering:

* Design interactive mockups for a variety of media (web, IM, etc.)
* Interact directly with users via interviews or usability tests
* Assist in the development of effective and understandable messaging
* Analyze user behavior data we've gathered
* Think creatively about product features and evolution


* Formal background in HCI or closely related field
* Broad exposure to usability and user experience design in general
* Both academic and industry experience is a plus


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