Your views: How to characterise people for design?

14 Oct 2004 - 3:20pm
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Umesh Persad

If you had to list the characteristics of users that would be important
to consider
in designing a product, then what would they be?

I am interested in finding out your thoughts about user characteristics and
its use in design. I am researching in the area of Inclusive Design and
looking specifically at the issue of user characterisation (the knowledge of
user characteristics and its use in design).

Do you think that there might be one best way to characterise people or
we need multiple classifications?

I am thinking that probably designers think about users in different ways at
different times in the design process. Also it might depend on the type
of product
being designed. So then, what might be the best way to present user
information to designers?

Your thoughts?

Umesh Persad

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