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9 Jun 2008 - 9:21am
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Susan McGaha

Title: Web Designer

Job Summary:

You're the master of front-end presentation and coding. Not only do you have
superb grasp of space, color, typography and imagery; you also produce
clean, well formatted, commented code that renders the same regardless of
browser. You have a demonstrated ability to meet and exceed client
expectations with gorgeous design that converts produced with best-in class
XHTML/CSS. You're no stranger to JavaScript/AJAX to make web applications
come to life. The internet is your canvas and you create friendly, classy,
dynamic and compelling work.

Primary Responsibilities:

* Use design software to create mockups and html prototypes for new
* Build/Code static and dynamic pages from these mockups and
additional specifications
* Design and produce optimized, web-ready graphics
* Create and manage CSS styles and CSS frameworks
* Ensure customer-facing new features meet style requirements

* Create code for front-end behaviors with Dynamic HTML
* Cross-browser test and troubleshoot site presentation
* Optimize pages to be read by both humans and search-engine spiders
by using clear, symantic markup

Knowledge and Experience Required:

* 4+ years of experience in front-end web development
* Exceptional pixel-perfect graphic design and typography
* Browser rendering and cross-browser knowledge
* Advanced knowledge of image processing and web optimization
* Building for Search Engine Optimization
* Experience working with CVS or other concurrent versioning software

Skills and Abilities Required:

* Expert with a major design application (Fireworks or Photoshop)
* Expert XHTML/CSS for cross-browser rendering
* JavaScript to add behaviors to otherwise static pages
* Extraordinary attention to detail
* Semantic coding with CSS/XHTML a plus
* Working with/around dynamic code (Java JSP, PHP) a plus
* Multi-task in a fast-paced, deadline-oriented environment

How to Apply

1. Send us your Resume (Please email to smcgaha at booksurge.com)
2. Include a link to a site you've created or a portfolio site - we
want to see both your design and coding work
3. In your cover letter, include a response to one of the following

a. What is your favorite css presentation trick and how/why do you use
b. What is your favorite book or resource about web design, and what
has it helped you create?

Susan McGaha | Human Resources | Recruiter

P 843.789.5248
smcgaha at booksurge.com



work hard. have fun. make history.

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