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16 Jun 2008 - 2:05pm
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Carolyn Fullerton

Imagine you're invited to take a pre-release peek at the next multi-billion
dollar development for the world's premier software firm. Now imagine that
you more than peek, you're INSIDE, managing, building, fostering the User
Experience Team and actually helping to set the vision for ensuring the SOA
platform product meets customer and user needs..

You'll update the expectations of user research throughout the product life

* Exploratory research including surveys, webcasts and site visits to
understand the technical area and ensure product meets CX needs.

* Partnering with other teams to leave you the opportunity to research
the topic in depth.

* Prioritization research using survey tools to drive customer
priorities into the product teams.

* Validation research through usability tests and baseline studies you
plan and conduct. And you'll influence how the adoption program collects
feedback and research to make sure the right measures are being tracked.

You will own the Usability Basic-and yes, you can even stop the rollout if
user needs aren't being met!

That's precisely the opportunity we want to talk with you about if you have
the following profile:

* Experience:

o 5 years + in User Research activities

o Leading team of user researchers/usability testers

o High tech domain, server experience

o Software focus

* Advanced degree in Human Computer Interaction, related field, or
comparable experience.

* Strong skills in communication, collaboration, business.

* Enthusiasm for technology in large enterprises.

Intrigued? This position will be filled ASAP. A quick call to Carolyn
Fullerton will get you into consideration. 210-858-7374.

carolyn at <>

Bridging the IT Talent Gap

Carolyn Fullerton

bestica, Inc.

Bridging the Talent Gap

210-858-7374 O

210-204-0474 C

carolyn at

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