RE: Should iteraction designer produce code... (Formally: MITRE position)

18 Oct 2004 - 4:58pm
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Juhan Sonin

Don't apologize Coryndon for taking me to task on the mediocre job

We're developing rapid prototypes, not commercial-on-the-shelf
products. MITRE is an R&D center; we can't legally produce COTS
products. In our case, 'final products' are working prototypes. There
was relevant text before the 'Java or JSP' line: "Ideally, this person
will also have experience in some, or all, of the following:"... I'll
massage the job description to make this clear.

Alder/Coryndon: Designers often have to make their ideas/prototypes
jump to life... or limp to life using html, CSS, javascript, etc. In
many R&D and academic settings (and elsewhere), the production pipeline
is not honed or absolute. Designers often fill roles of business
analyst, information architect, research scientist, visual designer,
marketing/branding proponent, scripter, interaction designer, etc. I'm
not asking for Design folks to forge JSPs and get into the nuts and
bolts of Java, but I expect them to understand the engineering process
(just as architects know the building/construction process). Design is
not a discipline. It's action, collaboration, and experience. It's not
expected for someone to be an expert in ID and CS, but they may know
the fundamentals of each... Note: We have 20 engineers who write
production-quality code.

Cindy: Mentioning a particular slant towards open source or java gives
potential candidates an idea of our engineering ethos, no more.

Thanks for the good comments.


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